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The Best Instructor You’ve Ever Had

Krazy Kardio’s™ is owned and operated by the one and only, Kellie Paradis. The first thing you need to know is that she really is crazy, for real! The second, is that she loves fitness.

Kellie took an interest in fitness about 15 years ago when her daughter was born. It actually gave her a real reason to start working out. Little did she know that it would change her life forever. She became excited and simply just wanted to exercise every day!

Kellie started going to a gym and originally joined as a member at a small women’s fitness center in a small town and before she knew it, she started making-up her own little workout routines for herself. Everyone at the gym became intrigued by her style and effort, so she started showing others how to do it. All of a sudden, people now looked to her to show them new workout regimens, advice, motivation and the inspiration to keep them going.

Because of her unique personality, energy and the relationships she already had with all of the members, Kellie was given the surprise opportunity to purchase the gym. So, needless to say, she did!

She took over the gym and ran it for a few years and learned so much along the way. She was still so infatuated with the fitness World that she decided to go to college for fitness and nutrition to continue to learn more about her passion.

After she gained all of this new found knowledge, another opportunity fell into her lap. She was introduced to cardio kickboxing classes. For years, she had been doing the Tai Bo tapes every morning at home for her personal enjoyment. She loved the tapes and of course...the results, but nothing compared to the energy and results that came out of a real-life, in-person class. The classes were so much more fun and so powerful, she began to realize that she wanted to learn how to teach these classes and offer them at her gym to share with the members she loved so much.

The sense of accomplishment that she feels from teaching and watching everyone getting excited and feeling great about themselves, was like no other. They looked up to her to help them achieve their fitness goals, which in turn made her always have to stay on top of her own. It was a win-win situation for all.

After about 3 years of operating and personally teaching at her own gym, she was given the opportunity to successfuly sell the gym. She then just started teaching classes at all the other gyms in the Pocono and Stroudsburg area of PA. She also went house to house to do in-home personal training, with all of the clientele that she had built up over the years.

All of her classes were full and if her “gang” was not happy & losing weight, she was not happy!

In 2007, that is when Zumba® Fitness classes were introduced to Kellie, and that was a game changer in her World for sure. This class is the most unique and fun class that there is. Millions of people participate in some form of Zumba® and millions of people know that this is a great class!

Not only is Kellie fascinated with fitness, in her previous career, she was an excercise rehab specialist and a certified hydrocolontherapist, where she worked at a physical therapy office for the past 7 years.

Enough words about her, you just need to meet her! That is where the true value is when it comes to Krazy KardioTM. Register for your FREE class!!!

It was truly her calling to help change people’s bad eating habits, put together workout programs and keep them on the right track.

Through this time, she worked on all of her specialized certifications.

She is a:

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Level I & II Kickboxing trainer

  • Certified in Spin

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • ASFA Certified Group Class & Bootcamp Instructor

  • Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor

Her classes were always the talk of the mountain up in Pennsylvania. If you survived Kellie’s class, you were a winner, a trooper, and crazy...because these classes are so effective, invigorating, and intense. She had an entire array of classes to offer, and now they will be the new thing here in St. Pete.:

  • Cardio Kickboxing 

  • HIIT 

  • Tabata

  • Weight Lifting

  • Bootcamp

About Kellie

When she's not teaching class she spends most of her time bopping around the community of St Pete getting to know other business owners and always trying to interact and team up to provide the best for members.

From local juice shops, to cafes, boutiques and spas, she's always trying to connect to look for great places to provide great service on top of her fitness classes for her members and friends!! She loves to support the community and other small business owners!

What people say about Krazy Kardio and Kellie ...
When coming to crazy cardio people would say it's like a party! Music is always loud, and uplifting, everybody's always smiling and laughing and Kellie is like the DJ on the mic.  She's literally like a trainer DJ; always hooting and hollering and making jokes keeping the class fun! She might even start dancing around making everyone laugh!

It's always fun and you never know what you expect but what people do say is the workout is always amazing and always invigorating motivating and fun.

Kellie loves to give back with her members and her team at Krazy Kardio. Each year she picks a race/mud run; it might be for breast cancer, a charitable walk or some type of event to team up and raise money and donate.

Kellie is also on the board for Suncoast Hospice and each year goes around and gets sponsors and donations to help with the local Suncoast Hospice ball to raise money.

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