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Cardio Kickboxing Class in St. Pete that Will Change Your Life.

Cardio kickboxing is the cornerstone fitness class in the Krazy Kardio’s™ repertoire. Kellie loves it and you will definitely love it too. You may or may not know that cardio kickboxing is developed from three separate disciplines: martial arts, aerobics and of course…boxing. One thing that is different is that you don’t challenge competitors; instead you challenge yourself to improve your overall fitness, and the best part is...anybody can do it. You can go at your own pace or you can hone your skills to the fullest.


A Krazy Kardio™ kickbox class is so much different than any other fitness class you have experienced.  Why? Because it is ran by Kellie of course...we've even coined it Kardio Kickboxing™ because it's so unique!  If you know Kellie, you know that she is crazy and that craziness rubs off into her classes. You will have sooooo much fun working with her and meeting new like minded people.


The classes are intense, funny and results-oriented to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.


Cardio Kickboxing Class Benefits:

  • It burns calories. Like all different types of aerobic exercise, kickboxing is an unbelievable way for you to burn those hated calories. In a recent Shape magazine, it noted that a 129-pound woman burns about 800 calories during a 55-minute kickboxing class. There are movements that work both the upper and lower body burn about 8.3 calories per minute. It also stated that heavier people who work out more intensely and people who work out for longer periods will burn even more calories.
  • It is for cardiovascular health and muscle toning. Krazy Kardio’s™ cardio kickboxing class always begin with a warm-up that last about 10-15 minutes, then it transitions into a more intense phase of punches, kicks and knee strikes that pump your heart rate-up big time! When you reach this phase, this is where the most cardiovascular condition occurs. All these movements tone your body all over.
  • It improves balance, flexibility and coordination. As you know cardio kickboxing involves sequences of moves, over time your coordination will improve. Doing kicks on one leg all the time will naturally improve your balance. Kellie’s cool-down periods that conclude kickboxing classes involve a lot of stretching. This will increase your flexibility.
  • It improves your mental state. Lust like punching a pillow, the constant kicking and punching moves can release stress, anger and frustration. In addition, you may find that it improves your confidence levels and possibly your self-esteem. Kickboxing classes are not the same as self-defense classes, but you can definitely learn some basic self-defense skill.
  • It offers a variety of exercise activity. Kickboxing classes and videotapes offer a nice alternative to other forms of aerobic activity, such as doing step aerobics or running on a treadmill. If you're bored with your current workout routines and enjoy following an instructor's moves, kickboxing may put some variety back into your fitness life. Beginning fitness enthusiasts may want to take it slowly at first, as kickboxing is usually high-impact and high-intensity. KidsHealth suggests checking with your health care provider before beginning any exercise regimen and building up to kickboxing with less intense aerobic activities, such as low-impact aerobics.